Protection Plans

If there can be one certainty in life, it is that it only takes one second for everything to go sideways.

Nonetheless, meaningful choices are still within our hands and the insurance that everything will still be fine for others we leave behind resides in the magnitude of our vision.

With the endeavor to help you cope with the unpredictability of life, ILA has designed a series of Protection plans to help your loved ones overcome the arising uncertainties and doubts following an incident, through a reliable financial security.

Island Treasure

Decreasing Term Assurance (DTA)

Do you know that in case of death/disability of a loanee, the amount owed to the institution that gives out the loan is not written off? In practice, that institution will call back its loan from the heirs of the loanee - the ultimate resort is selling off the property that was provided as security (mortgage) to settle the loan due.

This is why ILA has its Loan Protection Insurance policy. This product is meant for individuals contracting out a loan and provides protection to their heirs in case anything happens to them (death or disability). Island Treasure Details

Island Care

Premium Return Life Insurance Plan

We all work towards keeping our family happy and secure. To enjoy the good times in life, it is important that we protect our family from any unfortunate events befalling them, especially if we are not there to provide for them. It is a wonderful feeling to have the confidence that our family will be secure and adequately provided for, even if we are not around.

Island Care is one of the most unique life insurance plans available which can be used to insure your life and help provide financial security to your loved ones. In this level term insurance plan, an amount equal to the Sum Assured is paid to the beneficiary if the insured meets with untimely death during the term of the policy or refunds the premium with fixed interest if insure survives till maturity. Island Care Details

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Island Treasure


Death Benefit Sum Assured as per the benefit Schedule
Total &s; Permanent Disability Cover Sum Assured as per the benefit Schedule
Age at Entry 15 - 69 Years
Maximum Maturity Age 70 Years
Minimum Sum Assured 50,000
Premium Payment Term 2/3rd or Full Term
Premium Modes Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, Single
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Island Care


  1. High amounts of cover at low premium (TROP & TA)
  2. Guaranteed return of basic premiums on survival of life assured at end of policy term (TROP)
  3. Earn 3% interest per annum on your basic premiums (TROP)
Minimum / Maximum age at entry 18 / 64 years for TROP & 18 / 68 for Term Assurance (age next birthday)
Minimum Policy term 6 years for TROP & 2 years for Term Assurance
Maximum Policy term 30 years
Premium Payment term Half of policy term
Eg Policy term of 20 years -> the Premium payment term is 10 years
Maximum age at policy expiry 70 years (age next birthday)
Minimum monthly premium (Rs) 500 (excluding policy and FSC fees)
Benefit Add-Ons Cover against permanent disability & accidental death
Minimum Sum Assured (Rs) 100,000
Maximum Sum Assured As per company's guidelines
Premium payment option Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual
Premium discounts
  • 5% on Annual Mode
  • 2.5% on Semi-Annual Mode
  • 1% in Quarterly Mode

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I receive my premiums plus 3% interest per annum in TROP?

This is called the maturity benefit (TROP). It is paid on expiry of the term of cover, provided you are alive then.
Eg if you are now 40 and buy a 20-year policy, you will receive the maturity benefit at age 60.

2. What if I pass away before expiry of the term of cover?

The amount of cover (also called sum assured) becomes payable on death anytime during the period of cover (TROP & TA).

3. If premiums are only due for half the policy term, will benefits reduce in the latter half?

No. You will enjoy all benefits at their full value even if no further premiums are due.

4. How about the period for interest accrual - will it be half or full policy term?

You will earn interest over the full policy term (TROP). Eg with a 20-year policy

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